Mac OS X dial-up Connection Settings.

1. Click on the Apple Menu and select System Preferences.

2. Choose the Network icon from the Internet & Network row or from the toolbar.

3. Ensure that Internal Modem is selected adjacent to Show. Select the TCP/IP tab and ensure the Configure option is set to Using PPP. DNS servers and Search Domains can be left blank.

4. Select the PPP tab and enter the following details:

Service provider is Green ISP.

Account Name is the username given for your dial-up account. This is not necessarily the same as your email username or Control Panel login.
Enter your password you were given.

Enter the telephone number as shown (Unmetered customers can find thier Number in the "Connectivity" section of the Control Panel under "set-up info") and make sure "Save password" is ticked.
Then select the PPP Options button.

5. We suggest the sheet which shows next should be set up as follows. (These settings may be customised).
When finished, select ok and the sheet will slide back up.

6. Select the Proxies tab and ensure nothing is ticked and each box is blank.

7. Select the modem tab and ensure Modem is set to Apple Internal 56K Modem (v.90). If you have an external modem however, you will need to select this from the list instead. Ensure the same boxes are ticked and options dotted, as shown in the picture. Click on the Apply Now button at the bottom.

8. Then select Apply from the sheet which shows next.
It will then simply slide back up.

9. Select the System Preferences menu and choose Quit System Preferences.

10. To connect, simply choose the small telephone icon near the clock in the top right corner of the screen and select Connect.

Thank you for using Green ISP.