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This one came to my attention today, the US is unknown to most of imposing itself and with what appears to be a kind of bribe or deal with corrupt leaders, in vulnerable states around the world in its quest to spread the American Dream around the world? You only have to read John Perkins Confessions of an Economic Hit Man to know this seems to be a trend going on for decades……

Anyway, Thousands of people took to the streets of Ghana’s capital this week March 2018, Accra, to protest the government’s decision to expand military cooperation with the U.S.

The deal, which lawmakers approved on March 23, allows the U.S. to station forces in the country and use its radio spectrum, according to parliamentary documents. The NDC, which President Nana Akufo-Addo’s New Patriotic Party unseated from power in a December 2016 election, boycotted the legislative vote.

The deal, which lawmakers approved on March 23, allows the U.S. to station forces in the country and use its radio spectrum, according to parliamentary documents. The NDC, which President Nana Akufo-Addo’s New Patriotic Party unseated from power in a December 2016 election, boycotted the legislative vote.


Police say around 3,500 protesters took part. Some voiced unease over the growing US military expansion in Ghana and beyond. “As a right-thinking citizen, I am here to fight for my country. I am against selling our peace and security for $20 million,” Gifty Yankson, a 49-year-old trader, told the media.

Similar protests against US military presence took place in different locations across the globe. The Japanese island of Okinawa is one of the most active venues of anti-American rallies. In recent years, demonstrations lambasting the US military occurred in Italy and the Czech Republic.

In Italy, locals have repeatedly voiced their unease over the US Dal Molin Army base. The country has one of the highest numbers of US bases in the world, and is the second-largest state in Europe after Germany which hosts an American military presence.


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Amazing insight from Paul Verhaeghe Wed, 24 Jan 2018 21:04:22 +0000 Say no more…


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Plastic in the Sea’s….. Shocking Tue, 05 Dec 2017 16:18:23 +0000 If this is not proof that Humans are causing Environmental problems including this one, species collapse and probably Climate Change then i don’t know what else will Wake Us Up?

It is estimated that between four and 12m metric tonnes of plastic makes its way into the ocean each year. This figure is only likely to rise, and a 2016 report predicted that by 2050 the amount of plastic in the sea will outweigh the amount of fish.

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On the issue of Nuclear Power and Weapons Fri, 05 Aug 2016 15:56:07 +0000 A couple of things to ponder on, think about?

Hinkley Point Nuclear power station estimated cost – £37 Billion

Trident Nuclear deterrent estimated cost – £200 Billion

(oh, BTW, I thought we had to spend less and save, cut back, have austerity etc, funny how they can come up with the cash when it suits UK, US, French and Chinese corporate interest….


Equivalent Power Output in Renewables of Hinkley point – £160 Billion

Conventional Navy , Army , Air-force, – More than Double Spending rather that cutting back.

Renewable power has grown in the UK to the point where more electricity was generated from biomass, wind, hydro and solar power in 2015 than nuclear power stations.
But it is unlikely the Intergenerational Foundation’s report will shift minds in government, which has cut subsidies for both solar and wind power while pressing ahead with the Hinkley project.

Oh, and there’s the other point of public opinion… the 2016 Trident rally was Britain’s biggest anti-nuclear march in a generation. Like the Anti war Iraq march before that…. Who’s Listening??

More Info:

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Is Canada’s Great Bear Rainforest Saved? Looks like it…. Tue, 02 Feb 2016 13:13:19 +0000 Indigenous tribes, logging firms and environmental groups in Canada have struck a deal to protect one of the world’s largest tracts of temperate Rainforest.

The Great Bear Rainforest on the Pacific coast of British Columbia is home to many animals and ancient trees.

Importantly, Logging will be banned across a huge area of the forest.

Environmental campaigners say it is a model for resolving similar land-use disputes around the world.

The forest is inhabited by the spirit bear, a rare sub-species of the black bear with white fur, and is also home to 26 aboriginal groups, known as First Nations.

Its enormous habitat covers 32,000 sq km (12,000 sq miles) on the Pacific coast of Canada, helping purify both air and water, and is an unspoiled home to grizzly bears, wolves and cougars.


Let us hope this deal paves the way to Stop any future plans for oil or gas exploration or any pipelines throgh the region?

“Our leaders understand our wellbeing is connected to the wellbeing of our lands and waters,” said Chief Marilyn Slett, president of Coastal First Nations.

“If we use our knowledge and our wisdom to look after our lands and waters and communities, they will look after us into the future.”

The announcement comes nearly two years after a landmark Supreme Court decision that granted title to a vast swath of British Columbia’s interior to the Tsilhqot’in First Nations, who had gone to court to stop logging in their traditional lands.

That decision has bolstered First Nations across the province, who now have a legal precedent for fighting development on their territories.

Comments please….


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Tesla Motors has unveiled batteries that power homes Fri, 01 May 2015 10:32:31 +0000 US electric car maker Tesla Motors has unveiled batteries that power homes and businesses as it attempts to expand beyond its electric vehicle ventures.

CEO Elon Musk announced the firm will build batteries that store solar energy and serve as a back-up system for consumers during blackouts, jsut as standard lead acid solar batteries have done for years.

The device/s will allow consumers to get off a power grid or bring energy to remote areas that are not on a grid, connect to each-other over the internet to create Local Smart Grid systems, first shipping to Germany outside the US in 2016.

“Our goal is to fundamentally change the way the world uses energy,” Musk told a press conference at the Tesla Design Center on Thursday night. “It sounds crazy, but we want to change the entire energy infrastructure of the world to zero carbon.”

A great vision, however, as positive as this is I just wonder where all the rare earth metals etc are going to come from???

More here:

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New Democracy – revolutionary Wed, 26 Nov 2014 14:50:30 +0000 Exceptionally inspiring and interesting I think you will agree.

For me, especially from 32 mins in….

What do you think?


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Bradley Manning nominated for 2013 Nobel Prize sentenced to 25 years in Jail?? Odd?? Wed, 21 Aug 2013 17:50:05 +0000 Does the name Nelson Mandela or others come to mind?

On one hand a hero, not easy to get a nomination for the Nobel prize, on the other a 25 year Jail sentence, has the world of high society and politics given in to a weird double standard? seems that way?

See this:

Then this:

Make your own mind up?

Comments please.


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