June - July 08 :

Green ISP is in the process of initiating a major breakthrough in Datacentre design and revolutionary conceptual thinking.

We are designing and prototyping a new way in the world of serving "Human Scale" web data via the concept of a human scale "Micro-Data-Centre".

The build is in progess and we are not compomising when it comes to inovative ecological design.

Wood, Earth, Cork, Lime mortar, Passive heating, Natural cooling, Solar power, solar gain heating (winter time), etc, you get the idea?


The Technology:

We also plan to utilise the worlds most efficient web servers to be able to offer customers a Virtual Dedicated Server using "Very PC servers" , we are in discussion with the supplier who is very interested in what we are doing.

The project is based in one of the sunniest (if not the sunniest) locations in Europe, the Alentejo region of Portugal, we are based in a Natural Park with a very low population and very secure environment.

This new concept "Micro-Data-Centre" will hopefully get the Internet back where it was meant to be, not a centralised dinosour, but a human scale colaborative entity where we can all be involved in serving out quality content from a sustainable and environmental stance.

Heres to the future of the human scale micro data centre.

Photos of the project here (in progress, more to be added as the project evolves).

An interesting news-link here:


July/August 2008