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A Story of Health and Well-being
Jonathan Eveleigh, 6 May 2008

Everyday I am thankful for my health ― next to life itself, a gift easily taken for granted, until we or someone close to us begins to lose it.

When my brother became unwell last year and began conventional treatment I researched everything I could on self-treatment and health recovery. I knew that conventional methods are often debilitating and far from strengthening, in fact can seriously weaken the body’s natural immunity system. Time and again I learned that:

  • It makes no sense not to treat a serious life threatening disease without taking potent herbal and nutritional supplements,
  • Self-cure and health recovery with natural medicine is more common than we imagine,
  • An excellent range of products and information is readily available.

Our biggest challenge is taking responsibility for our own health and well-being – out of the domain of the professionals and into our own hands. This doesn’t mean turning our back on the tremendous resources of orthodox medicine but realising they don’t have all the answers, in fact have restricted access to the wealth of natural medicines. We can trust our will-to-live that we share with all beings to access that natural resource which is the foundation of life and we need to own the cause of our health and of our own dis-ease. If we can do that self-cure and health recovery is more than possible. Maintaining our wellness with natural supplements, with holistic and preventative medicines is now the natural choice of people who understand this.

“Phyto-Plankton” means “light/plant – suspended or floating”


The ocean´s most natural food source is the first form of life on earth. Our blood has the same salinity as the ocean´s. When we absorb phyto-plankton into our bodies it gives a tremendous boost to the immune system. It appears to have the effect of reminding the immunity network of its original pristine state of wellness. Given the will-to-heal such a boost can tip the balance in favour of health recovery.

Tim Harper is the owner of a sea food farm in the Pacific North West US. At the same time as he was developing the first source of phyto-plankton he was diagnosed with a cancer very few recover from. Intuitively he began supplementing his diet with the marine phyto-plankton. Within weeks he started to feel better. Doctors found the cancer benign. He has recovered his health from cancer and from diabetes.

No claim is being made. It simply makes very good sense to follow your own independent research, if necessary to contact people who have recovered their own health, and to give oneself one of nature´s most incredible immunity boosters. ( A strong immune system seeks out and destroys cancer cells.)

  • Whole Food Marine PhytoPlankton:
  • 400 times the energy of any known plant
  • a major source of the Earth’s oxygen supply
  • the first known food or plant on earth
  • whales live on it
  • a total nutrition for health recovery and wellness

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