Getting Started with ADSL Quick Guide.

Once your Broadband service has been activated, use the following guide to help you get started.

1. Check that you have your ADSL modem, microfilters, all connecting cables and your modem's/routers installation CD ( as above diagramme).

Insert the CD into your computer and follow the installation procedures.

2. Plug the microfilters into your telephone sockets.

Microfilters need only be plugged into the sockets on the line that ADSL Broadband is being supplied on.

NOTE: The microfilters prevent the different signals of the ADSL service and the standard voice service (telephone signal) interfering with one another on the same line.

You must plug all communications equipment (including telephones and fax machines) into the microfilters, as well as the connecting cable from your ADSL modem.
You need a telephone socket within 3m of your ADSL modem/router and the computer, as this is the average length of a modem/router's telephone comm's cable.

* ADSL can only be provided within about 20m of the BT master socket to recieve a good ADSL signal. It cannot be run from an extension off the BT Master Socket. If your line is not within this distance a new line will be required.

3. Connect up and install your ADSL modem, referring to the instructions provided in the manufacturer's user guide or manual.
4. Access the dialler box by clicking on the connection icon that will be displayed on your desktop or in your system tray once you have successfully installed the modem drivers.
5. Enter your username into the dialler-box: "",
(e.g., 1234X4321@surfdsl or You need to enter a password. Then Press 'connect' or 'Dial' to establish the connection.
6. Once you are connected to the Internet and can use your web browser of e-mail as required.