Is New “Free Energy” Nicola Tesla resurgence gaining momentum? 3

Radiant Energy – What is it?

radiant energy from the vaccumThe term “Radiant Energy” was used by Nicola Tesla to describe the negative electricity that he was developing, the technology set to supercede conventional AC electricity, which he also invented. It never saw the light of day.

Lately we must thank John Bedini for bringing Tesla type technology to the public domain.

Could there be a renewed interest at the Grass Roots level in developing this form of renewable energy technology even further?

See this item sent to us by one of our customers:

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3 thoughts on “Is New “Free Energy” Nicola Tesla resurgence gaining momentum?

  • Jonathan

    The World´s Free Energy Convention is happening this month. With over 3,000 enthusiasts now working via open-source sharing on the net one comes to the conclusion that “Energy from the universal vaccum” of space is a real viable solution to the world´s energy crisis.

  • mark

    we need a free energy movement like the tea party and occupy wall street that focus on zero point energy and cold fusion technologies.

  • Chad

    The search for a reliable method of producing energy from renewable resources is more urgent today than ever before. Did Nikola Tesla truly invent a “free energy device”?

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