March / April 2008:

Has our Governemnt let us down over the renewables obligation?

We think so to a certain extent? in fact the Solar Power used to power the office here at Green ISP did not qualify for any kind of assistance (even as a "not-for-profit" company), however, if we had a "Feed in Tariff system" things may have been a little different.

For us it was never a question of needing incentives to do what we did when we diceded to install th PV (Photo - Voltaic) system and to be Enviromentally Guided, we had already made the commitment to do so.

However, for companies requiring a Economic Incentive to embrace Renewables (such as Solar PV or any other micro electricity generation system) as we have, then the current framework offered by our Government are in our opinion quite useless and have obviously not worked to full potential.

Almost every other country in Europe that uses the "Feed in Tafiff" model take up and installed capacity is much greater in all these countries then in the UK.

Sources on request.


What is a "Feed in Tariff"?

FIT's are regarded as the world's most successful policy mechanism for stimulating the rapid development of renewable energy. They are also the most egalitarian method for determining where, when, and how much renewable generating capacity will be installed. Renewable Tariffs enable homeowners, farmers, cooperatives to participate on an equal footing with large commercial developers of renewable energy.

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Anyhow, don't just take our word for it, take a look at what the Guardian on-line has to say about the issue of "Feed in Tariffs"

By the way, even the US has a similar scheme to "Feed in" accross many states, whats stopping the UK? except that the current "Renewables Obligation" scheme favours the "Bigger Buisiness" maybe??.


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