Code of Practice.

At Green ISP we aim to offer the best quality service for our Customers.

We try to supply services in a friendly open and honest a way as is possible.

If you have an issue with any of our services we provide to you, please contact us in the first instance using the contact details on our website.
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Here is our Code and Dispute Resolution process approved by Ofcom.
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Green ISP Customer Services.


Our Green and Ethical Policy.

We will be using the first quarter of 2005 to really get the message out and and during the Winter of 2004/5 we will be working with TreeSponsibility, a community based Climate Action Group to offset all of our estimated 35 Tonnes per year of Co2 emissions.

We have a commitment to people and Planet.
We aim to reflect this in the relationship we have with our customers.

We will do everything we possibly can to give our customers the best service possible.