If you wish to move home or office this is what you need to do:

For customers wishing to move home or office we need at least 14 days notice (in writing, by email to sales@greenisp.net or via the support ticketing system opposite) for this to be arranged (we can still do it if you don't give 14 days but the process will not be a smooth and there will be a longer period without broadband service).

The procedure is called a "cease and reprovide" meaning we will need normal notice (usually 14 days) to cancel the existing service and then the normal 5-7 working days to enable the service on the new address/telephone number (please note the new address/telephone number must be in the new occupants name, be active and have a dial tone before an order can be placed).

Payment details will have to be provided in advance for the new service as we cannot use the old Debit/Credit card details (for security reasons) so we can place the order for you manually from here.
Alternatively (preferred and most effective method), once the new Phone service is activated (a dial tone) you can place the "New" order online at http://www.greenisp.net


We will need you to confirm your Name, the Telephone number and Post code where the Broadband is currently connected and the same details for the "New" address.

There may be contractual obligations to consider if you are moving within your agreed contract period of 3 or 12 month (please see ADSL Broadband Terms and Conditions at www.greenisp.net for more info).


Green ISP Customer Services.




You can raise a support eTicket for this move request here