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TV and communication satellites are already powered by photovoltaic (PV) panels. If you installed them to the roof on a house, ( using PV roof tiles which are readily available) you could prevent more than 30 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions during their lifetime.

Out in the sky and stars there's no mains electricity , but the earth receives a continuous power input from the sun of around 200 x 1015 Watts - that’s an absolutely huge amount of energy which completely engulfs fossil fuels or nuclear capabilities….and its clean and free.

Many buildings use cladding materials which cost £1000 per square metre - for example, the bronze facade to the new Westminster parliament office complex cost £7k per m2

here's some help

Green ISP can give advice on any small scale and domestic solar PV project, including equipment requirement and sizing.

Please click here for more info.

Installers List - From Low Carbon Buildings Programme

Using PV tiles can bring down the cost because they cost little more and sometimes less than the material they replace. Solar PV cladding can look as attractive as marble and other polished stone and can costs as little as £500 per m2, it is clean and free power.

Solar PV generated power could provide 10,000 times more energy than the world currently uses. If we covered a small area of the Sahara desert for example (or any other open sunny desolate place) with PV, we could generate most or the world's electricity requirements at current usage levels.

About a billion people on the planet have no electricity. And most of that energy comes from candles, refined fossil fuels and batteries.

Often the costs of these are greater than the cost of a solar mortgage to pay for a quality solar home system.


Many buildings use unnecessary environmentally damaging and sometimes inappropriate cladding materials to cover the façade of their construction ( for mainly esthetic reasons) which cost £1000 per square metre.

For example, the bronze frontage of the new Westminster parliament office complex in the region of £7000 per square metre. Where as, they could have used solar PV cladding which can be just as esthetically pleasing as any of the materials which are more commonly used, such as bronze or marble and granite.

And PV can costs as little as £500 per square metre. It would then be providing clean and free power for the building

Perfect for home electricity.

PV Solar can provide power when you need it, where you need it. Campers, Motorhomes, backpackers and other outdoor enthusiasts can utilise PV power packs that are small, foldable, flexible and portable, to power and charge all kinds of small electrical equipment such as radios, mobile phones, notebook computers and other handheld devices etc.

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