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Environmentally Guided Internet services

Founded in 2003

, Green ISP is a not-for-profit, forward thinking, innovative Internet Services Provider (ISP), which aims to secure its vision of being securely placed to meet the understanding and requirements of our fast changing world, society and environment.

Green ISP / Green WebHost did not and does not wait until ISO’s and BSI Standards are introduced or legislation passed to force us to be Environmentally and Ethically aware, pro-active and committed, we have been doing it Voluntarily since 2003, no other Hosting company or ISP we know of can claim that fact? If you know of one please let us know. We work alongside other Organizations and Individuals who do the same. We have been leading this philosophy. Thanks.


We aim to run our operations in a completely radical way, our energy consumption will be from renewable sources, and all consumables will be as environmentally friendly as it is possible. We aim to assure our vision of a business model fit for the future, so being as sustainable as we can be while impacting on our Planet as little as possible will help. Furthermore, we are Ethical Consumer mag “Best Buy” three times.

Deforestation accounts for nearly 20 percent of carbon emissions

Caused by human activities, according to the international scientific body Global Carbon Project and the CSIRO Division of Marine and Atmospheric Research. Solar PV Panels. Green ISP office is solar PV powered, all other electricity is supplied from renewable’s provided by Good Energy the UK’s first 100% renewable tariff.

WHAT We Offer and HOW

We offer high quality internet services such as ADSL Broadband, vDSL (Fibre Broadband), FTTC SoGEA and FTTP or FTTH (Ultra Fast Full Fibre via LLU or BTW 21st Century network.
BTW is a BT Open Reach service and LLU is Local loop Unbundled service in the same exchange using Opal/Tiscali.

Professional web hosting also available. (see:Green WebHost). THE NETWORK AND SYSTEMS. At this time we outsource most of our network infrastructure, so we can concentrate on the Green ISP vision. The main data centre facility is accredited to ISO14001 which requires us to be able to demonstrate environmental consideration and planning within it’s day to day activities. A number of Leading Providers are utilised for all the Major network and connectivity requirements. Including: BT, Cable and Wireless and Ticali, BT for ADSL porting. Radius, web and DNS servers are based in Telehouse where there is a dual resilient network. The network is extremely well peered utilising multiple gigabit links with extensive LINX, LIPEX and LoNAP routes, one of the primary upstreams is Level 3 providing unsurpassed connectivity to the US. The network is fully BGP4 multihomed utilising our suppliers own AS. The UK Hosting Facility The UK systems are fully carbon offset as explained to lhe left here and we do all we can to improve the way we have an environmental impact, see: for more info. Solar WebHost Datacentre in the US and Hydro Geo in Icelend The datacentre we utilise for our Solar Web Hosting option is in California east of Los Angeles. The data center is powered by 120 solar panels which generate all the electricity. The Solar is owned and operated by the Datacentre to power California’s first and only solar-powered hosting company (please be aware tht there is a 10 hour time difference so set-up times are longer).
Sustainability is key:

(Not only being “Carbon Neutral”) We were the UK,s first ISP to take this issue seriously. Sustainable Development and Business “meets the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs” Photosynthesis? “Sequestration” or “Carbon Fix” Is the conversion/absorption of carbon dioxide and water into a sugar called glucose using sunlight energy. Oxygen is produced as a waste product. Chlorophyll is the “green” chemical needed by plants for this process, CO2 is absorbed to help the tree grow. We “assist” in the offset all of our estimated 25 Tonnes per year of CO2 (by “sequestration” or “Carbon Fix”) by working with TreeSponsibility, a community based Climate Action Group, we also plant a tree for every new Broadband and Web Hosting customer, in effect becoming “carbon positive”, we solar power our offices and operate within our environmental and ethical policy (we have been doing this since December 2003).

HYDRO-ELECTRIC / GEOTHERMAL POWERED WEB HOSTING SYSTEMS: The “Thor Data Centre” we utilise for these Micro VPS Options is located 10 minutes from Reykjavik, Iceland´s capital, in the south-west corner of the country. The data centre is designed for sole or multi-tenanted occupancy. The Data Centre addresses different customer needs. The technical space is suitable for customer servers, storage, data backup and networking equipment requiring Tier 3 mechanical and electrical (M&E) infrastructure. The site has several 3.2 MVA power feeds and is upgradeable to 19.2 MVA or more. Due to the physical and natural elements in Iceland and the specific datacentre design, The Data Centre is one of the most energy efficient data centres in the world. Using free-cooling elements in Iceland makes power utilization very efficient and is ISO 27001 certified by BSI.

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