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Today we are flying more often to more places than we ever have in history.


Unfortunately, air travel is the way we seem to be doing it, and with the price of flights at an all-time low this is set to increase by 50% over the next 25 years, at the expense of damage to the environment and our health.
The aviation industry is one of the quickest growing sources of C02 and toxic nitrogen oxide emissions on the planet. Climate change and serious health risks are the end result when we actually get to our destination, after the delays and overcrowded skies.
Expanding the worlds airports also adds to the problem of already busy roads by increasing traffic congestion. This damages our countryside and makes noise problems for people living and working around airports and their flight path. An increase in stress and heart problems has been suggested to be the result.

Does the Airline industry pay its way?

The airline travel industry isn’t regulated on health and pollution, or Taxed to the same extent as many other forms of transport. For example, airlines pay little or no tax on the fuel they use.
This must distort our real reasons for flying so readily and easily.
So in the end then every UK taxpayer is subsidizing the air travel industry, whether they fly or they walk. It’s an environmentally destructive monster and its out of control.
Forecasts for 2030/1 in the UK alone is that there will be around 500 million passengers (a year) of which 300 million will be in the South East of england.

AIR TRAVEL – The unchallenged polluter.

Is this mess avoidable?
Our Government, whoever they are, should stop subsidizing the airline industry and make it cheaper and easier to use less damaging forms of transport such as high speed rail. Or even look into the reason why so many UK citizens are so keen to get out of Britain in the first place.

Green ISP Opinion.

Airlines and airports should help to reduce the pollution they cause, how come they don’t have to pay more tax? The passengers do.
Visit Campaign for Better Transport for real insight into what’s going on in sustainable transport in Britain today.