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Housing and Buildings

In 2007 Gordon Brown put housing at the heart of his leadership bid by detailing plans to build five environmentally friendly ‘eco-towns’ consisting of 100,000 houses.
It is the first firm policy commitment by the chancellor.
He accepted that “Britain is currently facing a ‘housing crisis’, and pledged to go further than Margaret Thatcher in expanding home ownership while also increasing the number of affordable housing available for rent.
He was particularly concerned to help young people get their foot on the property ladder and providing new housing for young people. Mr Brown set a target of creating 200,000 new homes a year by 2013.
The proposals come as part of his vision for an environmentally sustainable, property owning democracy, complete with commitments to zero carbon developments and environmentally sustainable businesses and services.
The 100,000 homes in new ‘eco-towns’ will be powered by locally generated energy from sustainable sources.

Where are we now though????

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