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The Circular Economy – Rethink?

Hi Again.. I would like to take the opportunity to introduce you all to one of our valued customers, Catherine Weetman the author of ” A Circular Economy Handbook for Business and Supply Chains“. Catherine Weetman MSc FCILT FRSA, was the winner of the special prize of @Les Plumes Des […]

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The Kids are on Strike and seem to be getting anxious, they have good reason…

So now the Children have to take charge

So now the Children have to take charge, I say “let them” because they will probably do a far better job than most adults, we have become so addicted to School results, University, Money, wealth, GDP that we are not seeing the “wood for the trees”…

What’s the point in Education if we completely ignore the Educated, the Science, the Evidence?

Climate change is not the only thing… There’s no denying… The state of the oceans, Species collapse, deforestation, pollution, inequality… the list goes on… the system is Broken, we need to fix it, or should i say the kids will have to… They are feeling it and are starting to panic… Good.

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Drax Power Station – Carbon Capture and Storage 1

Hi there Folks. I just noticed the news about Drax Power station, which has become the first in Europe to capture carbon dioxide (CO2) from wood-burning, Drax is not very far from my home town and in those days Drax was not there as I grew up, it didn’t exist, […]

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