The Dark Secret Corporations Don’t Want You To Know ???

Say No More, here’s a few comments made….

Corporations have gone from one time projects to immortal masters of all humanity. Even pro capitalists should see this as a disgusting affront to all our freedom and well being.

Profit over people. I’ve been saying this about corporations for years. Very well reported, if only the main stream media were as good.

A lot of this is covered in the legendary Adam Curtis documentaries, and Naomi Klein covers what’s being spoken about with corporations enlisting government armies to quell uprisings in her book No Logo.

This S**t has gotta go.

Also see this:

and this:

UK regulators have approved plans for a vast new oilfield in the North Sea 1

Hello again. Here is an interesting one for you? UK regulators have approved plans for a vast new oilfield in the North Sea, sparking immediate objections from climate campaigners. The government welcomed the decision, saying it will raise billions of pounds and “make us more secure against tyrants like Putin” […]

The financialisation of absolutely everything? 1

Hello again, I urge you to read Will Hutton’s piece and watch Hypernormalisation….

Isn’t it amazing that in this age of amazing new economic prosperity and betterment that our Government seems to have to cut back and scrape for all the basics including homes and health and wages for ordinary people.

This is a class war, a confiscation and transfer of wealth, a plan that has now created more inequality, massive profits for billionaires and Corps while everyone else has to buy the idea that the semi-engineered 2008 finance crisis and the badly managed pandemic are to blame.

Utter nonsense, we have all been duped and tricked with spin and theatre, with lies and the double talk only fictional in the novel 1984 has now become a reality.

Brexit started just about then, 40 odd years ago, when Free Market Economics were (and still are) seen as the fix for absolutely everything, a very dogmatic approach, until now recently when struggling privatized utilities look better nationalized.

Have we been pacified with consumerism and gadgets so much that we no longer need to do anything as in “a brave new world”.

The financialisation of absolutely everything which really got a massive steroid boost during the Thatcher and Regan era on 80’s has really had a damaging effect, i have seen this develop with my own senses for the last 40 odd years, I really don’t like to say “I told you so” but it’s all come true.

I think Will Hutton has a good solid theory.

Like in the Documentary by Adam Curtis “Hypernormalisation” I believe we may be on the brink of it here in the UK?

We are living in a trance, a dreamworld of total denial with absolutely no vision whatsoever….

What is this to do with Green Issues and ethics? Just take a look around you…..?

There must be something better that this, surely.

I live in hope and optimism.

Peace and love.

Green ISP.

I thought this was a Joke at first, but it’s actually proof humans are insane 1

Using pig fat as green jet fuel will hurt planet, experts warn. Read again, it’s real, yes… pinch yourself… Just read this… the fact this is even being considered is a true sign how desperate and insane we are becoming (or already have become)? Comments please? Tweet

This is something Green ISP has been considering for years.

Hi again Folks.

Small scalable Data Centre used to heat public swimming pool, could do other heating too….

This is something Green ISP has been considering for years.

Taking the Data to where the Energy is like small Hydro or Solar, or in this case to help with cooling, take the data to where the heating is required?

With innovations and improvements in local connectivity and cloud or container based computing scaling is so much easier to do.

As Mark Bjornsgaard says “We built a small Data Centre in Exmouth leisure centre.
Most normal data centres waste the heat that the computers generate. We capture ours and we give it for free to the swimming pool to heat the pool,”,BBC%20Radio%204’s%20Today%20programme.

What a great idea, we need more innovations like this.

All the best.

Green ISP – Green WebHost



BT Group workers have had enough

Hello again.

Seems to be a trend of Massive Payouts and Profits while workers struggle and costs go up, in a lot of large industries and all manner of business sectors.

Ever considered this could be a class war or massive confiscation / transfer of wealth….?

As we have been communicating to our customers, we are seeing some delays and issues with resources out in the field, plus price hikes throughout the industry, cut backs in BT and others, where are all the benefits actually going????

Therefore this is a good watch, real news..

BT recorded £2 billion in profits before tax last year.

Its CEO, Philip Jansen, enjoyed a salary of £3.5 million.

Yet it’s now offering engineers and Call Centre workers a real terms pay CUT.

Aaron Bastani explains why BT workers have had enough.

Stay Positive.

All the best.

Green ISP

Old news and story from BBC, we have been saying this since 2003……

Old news and story from BBC, we have been saying this since 2003…… As Jay Dietrich  says “”They’re not doing this for noble reasons. They are doing it for cash flow and revenue,” says Mr Dietrich, whose career has involved working on energy policy and climate change at IBM.   […]