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LowKey Nails it… watch this….

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Superb observation again from Russell

I urge you to watch this series, “Great Reset”, why is this Eric Schmidt guy and others like him so highly regarded, insane, we hand over power more and more under the illusion we are gaining it? TweetShare on Facebook

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It’s that e-Waste issue again?

Hello again, it’s almost one year since our last post on this issue, we all need an update and reminder it seems?. So, just to let you know…. At Green ISP we don’t send out a Router to customers for every order, we ask customers to pay for one if […]

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Think before sending pointless and unnecessary emails?

Hi again, one of our customers pointed out something interesting today, something the Brother of the Inventor of the WWW, namely Mike Berners-Lee suggested. Mike Berners-Lee, who advised on some recent research told the Guardian’s Steven Moss. “When you are typing, your computer is using electricity,” According to Mike Berners-Lee, […]

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Can you reuse your Broadband router when switching supplier? 3

Hi again. Here’s one issue that crops up again and again when potential customers wishing to switch to Green ISP find it (as we do) a little strange that the bigger ISP’s “Lock Down” thier Broadband Routers? What this means is that anyone wishing to switch cannot “Re-Use” their existing […]

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Dutch microgrid communities can supply 90% of their energy needs – new report:

The power to switch from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources could rest in the hands of local communities. New research suggests decentralized, smart microgrid systems are capable of providing most, if not all, of our future energy needs. The Netherlands is pioneering a new approach to generating and sharing […]

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If you watch anything this Christmas, watch this….. Thanks Mr Perkins


John Perkins has a very clear and positive message for us.

Can we do it????


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Fascinating debate, first half had me chuckling away, second half re-assured I am not alone in my thinking…. 1

Hi there.

Watch this.

Fascinating debate, first half had me chuckling away, second half re-assured I am not alone in my thinking….



Thanks, have fun…

Green ISP.

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Fracking Update – The US inspired by action in UK?

Hi there.

Just an interesting update to the Fracking Debate.



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Human rights activist Bianca Jagger – No Fracking

Campaigners are continuing to protest plans for exploratory drilling in the village of Balcombe in Sussex, which could lead to the process of fracking to reach oil reserves.

Oil exploration company Cuadrilla wants to drill there but says it will apply for a fracking license if conventional drilling reveals a need for such a technique.

Those opposed to the plans include human rights activist Bianca Jagger.

She said: “It is good to have energy independence, but not at the risk of our environment and beautiful countryside.”

More on Fracking from FOE:


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