Founded in 2003, Green ISP is a not-for-profit, forward thinking, innovative Internet Services Provider (ISP), which aims to secure its vision of being securely placed to meet the understanding and requirements of our fast changing world, society and environment.

We offer high quality internet services such as ADSL Broadband, SDSL , FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet).
Professional web hosting also available.
(see:Green WebHost).

Sustainability is key:
(Not only being “Carbon Neutral”)
We were the UK,s first ISP to take this issue seriously.
Sustainable Development and Business “meets the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs”

Photosynthesis? “sequestration” or “Carbon Fix”
Is the conversion/absorbsion of carbon dioxide and water into a sugar called glucose using sunlight energy.
Oxygen is produced as a waste product.
Chlorophyll is the “green” chemical needed by plants for this process, CO2 is absorbed to help the tree grow.

We “assist” in the offset all of our estimated 25 Tonnes per year of CO2 (by “sequestration” or “Carbon Fix”) by working with TreeSponsibility, a community based Climate Action Group, we also plant a tree for every new Broadband and Web Hosting customer, in effect becoming “carbon positive”, we solar power our offices and operate within our environmental and ethical policy (we have been doing this since December 2003).

Deforestation accounts for nearly 20 percent of carbon emissions caused by human activities, according to the international scientific body Global Carbon Project and the CSIRO Division of Marine and Atmospheric Research.

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