More or Moore on Carbon Nano Tube application

Moore’s Law is one of the least reported stories in technology today. That old canard says that the number of transistors that’s possible to fit onto a chip will double every two years. That,s when using Silicone that is? To add to our Previous Post about what Carbon Nano Tubes could […]

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Here we go again, how can such behaviour be rewarded? I thought criminal activity was just that? Not rewarded…

Hi there. Again, another CEO rewarded at a time when everyone else has to cut back, have so called austerity forced upon them (theft basically). We need to see this stop don’t we? http://www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-dimon-pay-raise- Here’s the Guy heralded as one to aspire to, well in that case lets get robbing […]

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And there’s more from Max and Stacy





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To add to the “Move your Money out of the Major banks, or Buy Gold” Post, Interesting and funny, a bit scary?

Watch this, what is going on??

Max Keiser, he’s so excitable……great….

Comments please?


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Could Ubuntu have come of age with Ubuntu Mobile?

Hi there.

For the technical minded out there…. a thought…

I have been using Ubuntu and a couple of other Free and Open Source Linux based Operating systems for several years now and I truly believe they have come of age.

Very secure, very stable, Free, open, network and server friendly plus most websites (including this one) sit on Linux which is what Ubuntu is based on.

Now there is a Mobile Phone version which really could turn a few heads in 2013.


Try it, it,s free…. Unlike Windows…

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New Energy Technology – Breaking News

On 6th September ambassadors of all nations were invited to review the space, energy, gravitational and medical technology that has been developed by the Keshe foundation. On 21 September the Keshe foundation will begin to release this technology to all scientists around the world simultaneously, for production and duplication. http://www.keshefoundation.org/en/introduction/the-keshe-foundation […]

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Green ISP Launches new up to 80Mb/s Download / 20Mb/s Upload Fibre Broadband

Hello Folks. Getting ready and in advance of our 10th Birthday, Green ISP is proud to anounce the launch of our new “Super Fast – Green Fibre” up to 80Mb/s Download / 20Mb/s upload Fibre Broadband (FTTC )services to UK customers, starting from £27.99 for up to 40Mb/s download and 2Gb/s upload with […]

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Is the debt crisis in the EU what is seems? What’s the real story?

I find it very odd how the UK and the US (backed by the media) give us all the idea that the world economy is going to collapse if the EU does not get it’s act together and fix their debts? Our prime minister loves to tell EU leaders to […]

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