Happy 1st Birthday Rasberry Pi. 1

RASPBERRY PI reached its first birthday yesterday.

The £22 bare-bones computer was unveiled to the world and went on sale on 29 February 2012, but as last year was a leap year we’ll count today as its birthday, as is traditional. In its first year on sale, the Raspberry Pi has taken the world by storm.








The tiny Linux computer, which was developed as a way to enthuse school kids about technology and programming, has had a whirlwind first year. On its first day in the world, it managed to crash the websites of the two lucky British firms chosen to resell the machine, and then excited buyers were forced to wait for weeks before getting their hands on a Raspberry Pi as demand far outstripped supply.

And it gets better and cheaper?
A cheaper version of the bare-bones Raspberry Pi computer has gone on sale in Europe.The Model A lacks some of the features of the bigger version such as a network jack and has less memory. The Model A has also been designed to use less power to make it more suitable for projects involving robotics, remote sensors or which rely on solar power.Cutting out a few components means the gadget is even cheaper and now costs $25 (£16).

Source: The Inquirer and BBC.

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