Monthly archives: April 2011

Green ISP offers Latest FTTC (Fibre ADSL) with speeds up to 40Mb/s

Because the service is delivered over a fibre-optic cable from the exchange to the new fibre cabinet close to your property, this service will offer a much higher speed than any ADSL or ADSL2+ service (including LLU) currently on the market. Most properties are going to be within 500 metres […]

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Facebook shares green data centre technology. Green ISP have been aware of the need for this since 2003, so what is the delay?

Data centres use vast amounts of electricity to run their computer equipment  and also to keep it cool (as most Green ISP Fans will already have been made aware). Environmental group Greenpeace has estimated that their total global energy use will have reached 2 trillion kw/h by 2020. Facebook says […]

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Internet service providers have asked the government to intervene over the price being set to give them access to BT’s physical infrastructure.

ISPs argue that the prices set by BT are four to five times higher than their underlying costs. BT said that its prices were reasonable and laid down the gauntlet to rivals. Green ISP agrees with BT Wholesale, they have to recoup thier investment somehow, otherwise BT,s competitors should do […]

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