Internet service providers have asked the government to intervene over the price being set to give them access to BT’s physical infrastructure.

ISPs argue that the prices set by BT are four to five times higher than their underlying costs.
BT said that its prices were reasonable and laid down the gauntlet to rivals.

Green ISP agrees with BT Wholesale, they have to recoup thier investment somehow, otherwise BT,s competitors should do that investing or stop complaining (there is no FREE ride here)

“The fact is our proposed prices for duct access compare very well with European averages,” the telco said BT a statement.”BT is the only company who has installed broadband equipment in exchanges serving the last 10% of the UK and so we would question whether these companies are genuinely interested in serving rural Britain given their track record.

“It is highly ironic that we are being criticised by some companies who provide little or no wholesale access to their assets,” it added.

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