BitCoin is it all Hype? Destined to fail or Inspire the way we do money

As we posted last year, Bitcoin is starting to raise a few eyebrows, gold is on the up, so is our conventional idea of a Fractional Reserve Banking system about to be threatened?

Amir Taaki is a developer who works with a virtual currency called Bitcoin and his fellow developers who are also involved with the Occupy movenment live a very simple lifestyle.

Mr Taaki’s Bitcoin philosophy is very much in line with his fellow developers and Occupy group members.

“Bitcoin is for pure financial freedom of speech,” he says. “It really changes the dynamics of how money works.”

His voice exudes passion for the currency.

“Bitcoin is the proper perfect economy,” he says. “The technology needed to participate is open, the entry and exit is basically very cheap or free, there’s no barriers to competing in that network.”

The currency exists exclusively online and is independent of any government or company.

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