If you don’t know what TTIP is? then Green ISP really thinks you should? 1

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If you don’t know what TTIP is, then we at green ISP really think you should? Especially if you wish to have a say in your future and the Environment especially.

The US/EU Trade and Investment partnership (TTIP), called Transatlantic Free Trade Agreement (TAFTA) in the US, is a bilateral ‘trade’ agreement between the US and the EU. (The EU shifted from a primarily multilateral WTO focus to a bilateral agreement focus in 2005).

The TTIP goes much further than any previous EU ‘trade’ agreement in deregulating, in establishing the rights of transnational corporations and in undermining the ability of governments to control corporations. It is set to completely change our society, and is already in process, as with the NHS.

What is also Concerning is that this all seems to be going on almost in secret, with hardly any consultation and at Break-neck speed. That is Democracy for you US style……


Please Sign This if you Don’t want Global Corporations ruling over us…

I even notice that for the first time in history US Warships with Ballistic missiles are to be based in Spain, Russia is very concerned about START (Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty) Treaty and what kind of signal this sends out from washington?



See This piece by George Monbiot in the Guardian:


Occupy also have some good resources here:


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