Carbon Nano-Tubes out of Thin Air…..

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If you follow Green ISP News Blog you may remember the post made back at the end of 2013:

Interesting demonstration about Carbon nano technology, specifically Carbon Nano-Tubes for use in Electrical power and lighting solutions etc.

Well…. there is a further Development here, as we are all aware, there’s the issue of CO2 and climate change linked to it, all that extra carbon dioxide clogging our atmosphere might be useful for something here. Using a new development and process to extract Carbon from the atmosphere and produce Carbon composites and nano tech??? so far sounds great to me…

In a process described at this week’s American Chemical Society meeting in Boston, Massachusetts, the carbon from piped-in air was spun into tiny nanofibres – a raw material used to build strong composites such as those used in aircraft and cars etc.

A team led by Stuart Licht, of George Washington University in Washington DC, has designed a process that actively strips carbon from the air and turns it into a product that Licht claims can be sold for much more than the cost to produce it.


The electric current used to power this process could come from conventional sources – which might offset the technique’s carbon-sucking potency – but Licht has also successfully run it on solar power.

So, Add on the Idea or Carbon Nano Tube tech producing the actual Electricity to run these things and the mind boggles what could be done here, think about it???



Anyway, here’s some links and a link to the article:


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