Fracking to Start near Preston in Lancs second week of Oct 2018

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After securing consent from Government this summer, energy company Cuadrilla will start hydraulic fracturing at its Preston New Road site in Lancashire in the next week.

Francis Egan, chief executive of Cuadrilla, said: “We are confident the flow rates will demonstrate Lancashire can play a major and leading role in safely providing a new source of natural gas for the UK.

However, campaigners have vowed to continue to challenge fracking on the site, with a legal challenge by Friends of the Earth still due to be heard in the High Court.

Liz Hutchins, Friends of the Earth director of campaigns, said: “It is desperately disappointing for the community at Preston New Road, for the UK and for our climate. But it’s important to place this in perspective because it’s taken the industry seven long years to frack just one well, despite the government promising to ‘go all out for fracking’.

A Lancashire campaigner is going to court to try to stop Cuadrilla fracking near Blackpool. He says he fears the authorities have failed to protect local people from emergencies at the site.

Bob Dennett, from Lytham, has lodged an application for a High Court injunction to halt fracking operations at the Preston New Road site.

The case comes as Cuadrilla appears to be days away from fracking what would be the UK’s first high volume hydraulic fracture since 2011 and the country’s first ever frack of a horizontal shale gas well.

This is a very interesting example of what has been going on?
Shannon Biggs presented the case against shale fracking operators and all who were complicit in allowing such operations to go ahead (including national and environmental authorities). She explained how shale was a process of Mother Earth that had been 400 million years in the making and how the harsh violent acts of gas and oil extraction were akin to a rape on her body. Fracking is a violation against Mother Earth’s right to water as the source of life through leaks of poisonous and carcinogenic chemicals into groundwater and the leakage of methane into public water supplies. Fracking is a violation against soil and life cycles through causing a massive increase in earthquakes throughout the United States. In Oklahoma alone, the number of earthquakes has increased from around 5 per year before fracking operations to now over 5,000 per year in the region.
For Shannon’s presentation visit Paris Fracking International RON Tribunal.


Hydraulic Fracking – Paris Tribunal

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