Green ISP Launches latest new “up to 330Mb/s” Ultra fast Broadband (

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Good news for Internet need for speed customers out there.

Green ISP today Officially launches it’s up to 330Mb/s “Ultra Fast” broadband offering, also known as

It’s a based ‘up to’ 330Mbps (50Mbps upload) ultrafast broadband package with unlimited usage. The service is priced from £41.99 per month but does NOT include line rental, there’s 2 options starting from 160/30Mb/s Down/Upload and the 330/50Mb/s faster service at £46.99. explained

The ITU-T founded the group in 2011 to develop the standard, which has been supported by several operators, chipset manufacturers and equipment vendors. distribution points are usually placed within 250 metres of premises to be connected.

The term FTTdp (Fibre To The distribution point) is commonly associated with Deployment scenarios involving initially focused on bringing fibre closer to the customer than traditional FTTC. The distribution point could be deployed in different locations. For example, it could be positioned:

  • in a manhole
  • on a pole
  • in a mini-cabinet

at a relatively close distance (within about 250 metres) to the premises to be served. It could also be located at the entrance (inside or outside) of a building.

In FTTdp deployments, a limited number of subscribers are attached to one fibre node, which acts as a DSLAM. According to Alcatel Lucent, by deploying at distribution points located 250 metres or less from subscribers, ultra-broadband services can typically be provided to between one and 16 subscribers from each distribution point.

More recently, it is understood that there is increasing interest in deploying in existing fibre street cabinets, to minimise investment costs. This would initially increase the maximum download speed for premises close to a fibre street cabinet from 80 Mbps currently to about 300 Mbps. uses much higher frequencies than VDSL2 to achieve much higher speeds, albeit with more limited range

Compared with VDSL2, makes use of higher frequencies transmitted along the copper cables.

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