Is the debt crisis in the EU what is seems? What’s the real story?

I find it very odd how the UK and the US (backed by the media) give us all the idea that the world economy is going to collapse if the EU does not get it’s act together and fix their debts?

Our prime minister loves to tell EU leaders to get thier “House in order”, while at the same time making public cuts that come close to those carried out during WW2…?

Don’t be fooled, for example, the US has the highest “External Debt” of any country on earth, followed by th UK, just take a look at this very smart calculator:

This shows top 20 “External Debters” and you can check all kinds of stats, one I find really interesting is this:

The Uk and US in top 10 there, mmmm…

Let’s not mix up Public Debt with the above External Debt, it seems that the more public services become privately owned the higher the “External Debt” and where services are “Publicly Owned” then the Public debt goes up, hence the rush to “Privatise” in countries with large public debt.

Basically it just moving the goal posts and passing the debt onto us.

What do you think?

Also, have you noticed how politicians nowerdays can’t take any action for public good if it will “Damage the Economy”, since when were politicians bankers?? (that’s another story).

Anyway, comments if you will…



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