New IPCC Conclusion, they are 95% certain Humans cause climate change..

The report by the UN’s climate panel details the physical evidence behind climate change.
On the ground, in the air, in the oceans, global warming is “unequivocal”, it explained.
It adds that a pause in warming over the past 15 years is too short to reflect long-term trends.

The panel warns that continued emissions of greenhouse gases will cause further warming and changes in all aspects of the climate system.

To contain these changes will require “substantial and sustained reductions of greenhouse gas emissions”.

Here is the statement from the Latest IPCC report:

“It is extremely likely [95 percent confidence] that human influence on climate caused more than half of the observed increase in global average surface temperature from 1951−2010.”
More details:

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Fracking Update – The US inspired by action in UK?

Hi there.

Just an interesting update to the Fracking Debate.



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Bradley Manning nominated for 2013 Nobel Prize sentenced to 25 years in Jail?? Odd??

Does the name Nelson Mandela or others come to mind? On one hand a hero, not easy to get a nomination for the Nobel prize, on the other a 25 year Jail sentence, has the world of high society and politics given in to a weird double standard? seems that […]

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European forests near ‘carbon saturation point’ 1

Since 2005, the amount of atmospheric CO2 absorbed by Europe’s trees has been slowing, researchers report in a new study. Writing in Nature Climate Change, the report said this was a result of a declining volume of trees, deforestation and the impact of natural disturbances. Carbon sinks play a key […]

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Human rights activist Bianca Jagger – No Fracking

Campaigners are continuing to protest plans for exploratory drilling in the village of Balcombe in Sussex, which could lead to the process of fracking to reach oil reserves.

Oil exploration company Cuadrilla wants to drill there but says it will apply for a fracking license if conventional drilling reveals a need for such a technique.

Those opposed to the plans include human rights activist Bianca Jagger.

She said: “It is good to have energy independence, but not at the risk of our environment and beautiful countryside.”

More on Fracking from FOE:


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Germany Renewables – update 1

Germany’s shift to 100% renewable energy is said to be one of the country’s biggest and most expensive projects since the Berlin wall came down – but with rising costs for consumers and the energy industry, will this great energy experiment succeed? The Problem is, what will be the measure of Success? will it […]

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BitCoin is it all Hype? Destined to fail or Inspire the way we do money

As we posted last year, Bitcoin is starting to raise a few eyebrows, gold is on the up, so is our conventional idea of a Fractional Reserve Banking system about to be threatened? Amir Taaki is a developer who works with a virtual currency called Bitcoin and his fellow developers who […]

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Portugal – Smart City? or Logans Run? Big Brother?

Hi there. I feel a little uneasy about this? Is Portugal being Exploited or used as Guinea Pig for Microsoft and McLarren? and the likes? I worked for a Building Control systems company, this kind of technology already exists all over the world, we don’t need more Apps pushed into our […]

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Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Green ISP…….. 1

Hebden Bridge-based Not for Profit internet service provider Green ISP is entering it’s 10th year in business, providing environmentally-friendly internet services to the Calder Valley and beyond since 2003; to celebrate this milestone, Green ISP director Paul Palmer wants to draw people’s attention to the imminent and exciting upgrade to […]

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