A New Plan to Save Our Planet 1

This weekend, the eight most powerful leaders
in the world will meet at the G8 summit and
could agree to a plan that could literally stop
climate change!

It’s crazy, but right now, our governments
give nearly $1 trillion a year of our taxpayer
money to Big Oil and Coal to destroy our
planet. Key leaders, including President
Obama who is hosting the G8, have already
agreed to stop these polluter payments.
Now, if we demand they act on their word
and divert this huge sum into renewable
energy, experts say we could actually
save our planet!

It’s a simple no-brainer that our leaders have already agreed to. Let’s hold their feet to the fire, and push President Obama to lead the world’s largest economies to turn these polluting subsidies green. Sign the urgent petition below and forward this to everyone — a massive campaign now can force them from talk to action:


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One thought on “A New Plan to Save Our Planet

  • evelyn junkermann

    i realy appreciate this idea and we overpassed the time for changes already in order to feat the big companies,but they let us just starv.

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