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New Democracy – revolutionary

Exceptionally inspiring and interesting I think you will agree.

For me, especially from 32 mins in….

What do you think?


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Supercapacitors made from Hemp “on a par with or better than graphene”

Hi there. For anyone reading the post earlier in 2014 (link below). Renewables Boost?  “flow battery technology”. This will be of interest to you too. Graphene is quite an amazing product and is being touted as a new superconductor as well as many other uses, well, we used to […]

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Go Vivienne Go – in this at times the female Tony Benn?

Vivienne Westwood calls for more focus on renewable energy and blames corporate interests for the current problems with climate change.


Brilliant. Thanks Vivienne.

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Fracking, energy and power politics anyone??

A must see….

Comments if you please?????

We dare you, come on, be brave, don’t be scared….

Peace and love people….

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Here we go again, how can such behaviour be rewarded? I thought criminal activity was just that? Not rewarded…

Hi there. Again, another CEO rewarded at a time when everyone else has to cut back, have so called austerity forced upon them (theft basically). We need to see this stop don’t we? Here’s the Guy heralded as one to aspire to, well in that case lets get robbing […]

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