Around HALF the worlds Commercially Produced Food is thrown away or wasted? 2

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Here at Green ISP we are well aware of the issues or organic food, GM Food production and the general commercialization and a profit led world food production model?

I have personally argued that the growing use of GM Crops for example cannot be a good reason to uphold the idea that the world is running out of food? therefore GM will save us all from starving, what nonsense? We simply “Waste lots a food” and damage our planet while doing so.

Tristram Stuart sums it up quite well in this TED Talk:

So, to shine a little furter truth on the matter here is a very interesting report from an unlikely source, (and as a Mechanical Engineer by Trade, I can kind of understand this being the case) The Institute of Mechanical engineers:

In the report, they claim that unnecessarily strict sell-by dates, buy-one-get-one free and Western consumer demand for cosmetically perfect food, along with “poor engineering and agricultural practices”, inadequate infrastructure and poor storage facilities contribute towards 30–50% (or 1.2–2 billion tonnes) of all food produced never reaching a human stomach.

Furthermore, this figure does not reflect the fact that large amounts of land, energy, fertilizers and water have also been lost in the production of foodstuffs which simply end up as waste.

So, as we I have written about over the past 10 years there has to be a better strategy for food production, as a budding experimenter of Permaculture and organic grower I also understand that Local food production can play a huge part in the solution.

Read the full report here:

Also, here’s some tips for how to help by not wasting too much food:

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