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Here’s one issue that crops up again and again when potential customers wishing to switch to Green ISP find it (as we do) a little strange that the bigger ISP’s “Lock Down” thier Broadband Routers?
What this means is that anyone wishing to switch cannot “Re-Use” their existing Routers, for example BT Home Hub, Sky Hub etc.

We at Green ISP welcome the EU directive (and now Ofcom ruling) to stop Cellular Providers “Locking” mobile devices, this essentially means they cannot be re-used so easily, customers need to pay to unlock and I am not sure how this effects devices security?

It’s called the European Electronic Communications Code (EECC).
It entered into force on 20 December 2018 and EU member states have until 21 December 2020 to transpose it into national law.
The suggested ban on selling locked mobile phones is part of Ofcom’s work to implement the new European Electronic Communications Code

At Green ISP, we encourage customers wishing to join us to re-use their existing router if possible, we supply routers but not to all customers by default as we wish to see a cut in routers being thrown in bottom drawers so to speak or going to landfill?
The routers we supply can be re-used if the customer buys one of our pre configured routers and than in the future for some reason decide to leave us to another supplier?

Telecoms watchdog Ofcom is proposing a ban on the sale of locked handsets, to make it easier for consumers to switch between mobile phone networks.
We believe it should not just be for customer “ease” but primarily to “cut down on waste electrical goods”, it’s better for the environment to follow such practices.

So, I don’t think the Ofcom rule goes far enough, it needs to include Broadband Services too, what do you think?

Here is an interesting piece from ISP Review site:


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