Commons Transition – Introduction

What is the aim of a Commons Transition? — To create a deeply democratic society where everyone matters and has a say; an inclusive representation of class, race, gender identity, sexual orientation, ability, andor immigration status. In fact, the proposals we share go beyond rhetoric. They are inspired by active, successful, self-organized working communities that sustain themselves and their environments.




Useful examples of local level, commons-oriented P2P systems include transition towns, municipalism, permaculture, local currencies, self-managed squats, occupied spaces and related social centers. Local forms of change like these are indispensable, but our challenges are global in nature, driven by an obsolete neoliberal economic logic that knows no borders. Commons-oriented P2P systems that are transnational by design will be necessary for building economic and political counterpower. Models exist that could be developed to higher levels of complexity. We will explore this further in the following entries.


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