Police Were ‘Aware’ undercover officers were in relationships with Environmental Campaigners

Hello again.

This is what’s going on…. what were and are they thinking? Must be an agenda here that’s obviously not about enforcing the law..??

Police have admitted for the first time that an undercover officer had a sexual relationship with an environmental activist with the knowledge of bosses.

“Management were absolutely complicit in what was going on.” Claims one woman Ms Wilson ( involved in social justice and environmental campaigning at the time).
So we presume probably supported and organised by the Chiefs of Police and Government?

In public statements to date, police have maintained such relationships would never have been sanctioned.

Kate Wilson was duped into a two-year relationship with now disgraced spy Mark Kennedy, and is now taking legal action against the Metropolitan Police and the National Police Chiefs Council, under the Human Rights Act.

The Met admitted The environmental activists had been tricked into sexual relationships by five undercover police officers, including Mark Kennedy. One of the so-called spy cops also became a father.

“It has become apparent that some officers entered into long-term initimate sexual relationships which were abusive, decietful, manipulative and wrong.”

Has anyone seen the following Film, this is Sci Fi movie material you couldn’t make up if you tried?

Souces: BBC News and rightsinfo.org

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