On the issue of Nuclear Power and Weapons

A couple of things to ponder on, think about?

Hinkley Point Nuclear power station estimated cost – £37 Billion

Trident Nuclear deterrent estimated cost – £200 Billion

(oh, BTW, I thought we had to spend less and save, cut back, have austerity etc, funny how they can come up with the cash when it suits UK, US, French and Chinese corporate interest….


Equivalent Power Output in Renewables of Hinkley point – £160 Billion

Conventional Navy , Army , Air-force, – More than Double Spending rather that cutting back.

Renewable power has grown in the UK to the point where more electricity was generated from biomass, wind, hydro and solar power in 2015 than nuclear power stations.
But it is unlikely the Intergenerational Foundation’s report will shift minds in government, which has cut subsidies for both solar and wind power while pressing ahead with the Hinkley project.

Oh, and there’s the other point of public opinion… the 2016 Trident rally was Britain’s biggest anti-nuclear march in a generation. Like the Anti war Iraq march before that…. Who’s Listening??

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