Portugal runs solely on renewable energy for four days straight.

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What a turnaround, only 15 years ago the UK and Portugal were seen as 2 of the the Dirty Countries of Europe, we sent Acid Rain to Scandinavia in the 70’s and 80’s too, because we in the EU we had to do something about that too.

It seems Portugal is taking the idea of Cleaner, more sustainable and renewable enengy production very seriously indeed, AND in a So Called time of Austerity and Hardship…

You would think, that if the UK for example was (as the current Government put it themselves) Quote… “the Greenest Government Ever” and also while we boast of the size and power of our economy, needing a referendum on membership to the EU, that we could show Jonny Foreigner a thing a too about the matter.


Last year in Portugal, wind provided 22% of electricity and all renewable sources together provided 48%, and in part has been spurred by the EU’s renewable targets for 2020.

Only Austria, Latvia, Finland and Sweden are expected to have a higher share by 2020, while the UK, comparatively, the UK total is floating at a total of about 20%, which is a great improvement on how low it was 15 years ago, still, with a potential of 100% renewables due to all the wind, wave and hydro etc, we should in fact be the EU Leader?? i wonder why not?


Have a read of these two articles linked below.





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