Yearly Archives: 2018

Green ISP Launches latest new “up to 330Mb/s” Ultra fast Broadband (   Recently updated !

Hi there. Good news for Internet need for speed customers out there. Green ISP today Officially launches it’s up to 330Mb/s “Ultra Fast” broadband offering, also known as It’s a based ‘up to’ 330Mbps (50Mbps upload) ultrafast broadband package with unlimited usage. The service is priced […]

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Ghanaian’s protest over expanded military deal with U.S. worth Millions of Dollars

Hello again… This one came to my attention today, the US is unknown to most of imposing itself and with what appears to be a kind of bribe or deal with corrupt leaders, in vulnerable states around the world in its quest to spread the American Dream around the world? […]

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One BIG Problem with BitCoin and Mining them – Energy requirements

Hi there. Here at Green ISP we have been making folk aware of the innovative and de-centralizing elements of money transactions and the “BlockChan” via Bitcoin and other Crypto currencies such as Etherium etc… One BIG Issue that is starting to become mainstream in the wake of the popularity of […]

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Amazing insight from Paul Verhaeghe

Say no more…


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